About Aakriti Nature Cure Centre

Together we'll redefine holistic healing

Aakriti Nature Cure Centre has been set up by Aakriti Group in Bhopal to promote vedic method of healing. Set on a lush green ten acre property with its own organic fruits, vegetables, and herbal garden, the center focuses on treating chronic and lifestyle diseases through vedic medical sciences of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga. The Center has been designed and purpose built with help of experts to provide comfort to patients during treatment.

With the establishment of ANCC, the group provides genuine alternate Medical Healthcare for treatment of various problems caused due to modern lifestyles. Through ANCC, Aakriti Group is promoting medical tourism to both domestic and international patients.

Aakriti Nature Cure Centre

Our team at ANCC will act as catalyst or change agents provided you are ready to incorporate changes in your lifestyle and ready to accept it.

Naturopathy is not a technique or package it’s a holistic process of body, mind & soul better lifestyle. During your stay at the centre our team will try its best to make your stay memorable & comfortable. We request you to concentrate on your treatment and routine and to focus your mind on positive thoughts, joy & happiness. Have faith on the treatments, surrender your body mind and soul for a few days so that we can at least guide you towards a better approach to your life. Your sensitivity, positive outlook, discipline and routine will help your treatment.

Help us to help you feel better.